Scientia sine arte nihil est…


Artist in Residency

While artists and scientists are usually seen as worlds apart, residencies like mine are becoming increasingly common. They are seen as a good way of bridging the gap between arts and humanities and science and technology. By introducing artists to scientific research topics and facilities, it offers up new material for them to work with.

For the scientists, this collaboration is seen as a way of bringing a fresh perspective and allowing original ideas to flow. This aims to stimulate them to follow novel lines of interdisciplinary research

As a Visual Artist working at the boundary between Art and Science I am interested in material paradigm i.e. the synthesis, structure and performance of the existing and new materials which may have already become or is about to become part of the artistic landscape.

relevant links:

Revue d’histoire des sciences 2006/2 (Volume 59)



Author: nedyalkapanova

Visual Artist working at the interface between Art and Science. Current project: Artist as a materials scientist. Guest artist to Organic Semiconductor Centre, Physics Department, University of St. Andrews.

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